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May 4, 2019

Let Me Test And Find Out The HighLght Of This Forex Robot-EANVTFOREX-BU151???


   Let Me Test And Find Out The HighLght Of This         Forex Robot-EANVTFOREX-BU151???

System Experts Name: EANVTFOREX-BU151

**Characteristics Of EANVTFOREX-BU151**
Platform:Metatrader 4
Timeframe :M15,H1
Balance Start:1000$
It is the lot size entered for the first layer
example :0.01
The value of multiplier. The EA will Multiply the lot for the next layer based on this input.
If the input is True, the EA will recognize its StartingLot based on your equity per 1000
Lot = StartingLot x Equity/1000
The max layer limit.
It is a Magic Number. Magic numbers act like the license plates for EAs. When an expert advisor reads an open trade, called a ticket, it often requests its magic number. If the magic number of the ticket matches the number that the expert advisor expects, then it knows to manage the trade.

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