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Oct 1, 2017

Three Moving Averages

                                                Three Moving Averages 

NVTFOREX introduce this indicator to traders
The trade strategy is based on three moving averages. To determine the trend, it uses three exponentially smoothed moving averages: FastEMA, MediumEMA and SlowEMA. 

Trade signals:

Buy signal: FastEMA>MediumEMA>SlowEMA (upward trend).
Sell signal: FastEMA<MediumEMA<SlowEMA (downward trend).
Input parameters:
Inp_Signal_ThreeEMA_FastPeriod = 8;
Inp_Signal_ThreeEMA_MediumPeriod = 38;
Inp_Signal_ThreeEMA_SlowPeriod = 48;
Inp_Signal_ThreeEMA_StopLoss = 400;
Inp_Signal_ThreeEMA_TakeProfit = 900;
Inp_Money_FixLot_Percent  = 10.0;

Inp_Money_FixLot_Lots  = 0.1;

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