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Oct 2, 2017

How To Bobra Stable Profit

                                 How To Bobra Stable Profit 

This is a half scalping system that analyzes the market using a transmission function and price movement speed.

This Expert Advisor is intended for trading on EURUSD, however it can run on other currency pairs. Please use the M1 timeframe.

You should optimize only two parameters: Seconds_to_move and TradePrice. It is sufficient to optimize Bobra Adept only once, for example, for a half year period. After that, Bobra Adept shows good results on a forward period (or backward in my case). This can be observed on the screenshots.

The EA has not been optimized for GBPUSD, since testing results were good without the optimization.

Mode_Trade - pending or market orders.
Magic - a magic number for the EA.
UseManualLot - if false, the lot is chosen automatically.
Lot - lot, 0.1 on default.
Risk_for_AutomaticLot - 30, the lot is chosen automatically on the basis of the balance.
MaxSpread - maximum spread, with which the EA trades.
These two parameters determine the speed of price movement (the more the 'from_distance' is and the less 'reset_time' is, the less often and the more accurate the entries are):

reset_time - 7.
from_distance - 7. 
A discrete filter (always keep it switched on):

Safety_mode - if true, you are saved from the majority of losing trades.
Safety_sec - use no less than 5, better 5-10.
These parameters are only for pending orders:

Safe_coef - 0.7 (max = 1). If 1, you will earn more on sharp price movements.
exp_pending - 30, pending orders' expiration time (in seconds).
level1 - a distance between the first pending order in the grid (opened upon a signal).
Max_orders - the maximum number of orders in the grid.
Stop levels marked as Virt mean that they are virtual and will not be visible to brokers + a small STOPLEVEL is not important:

Dynamic_SL - true, the stop loss will be dynamic depending on the spread. Virtual orders also become dynamic.
slippage - 3, maximum slippage.
TakeProfit - 50, distance to fix profit.
Stoploss - 5, distance to fix loss.
VirtTakeProfit - 50, distance to fix profit.
VirtStoploss - 5, distance to fix loss.
VirtStarttrail - 3, trailing starts when price reaches this value.
VirtTrailingStop - 3, a distance, at which the Stop Loss will be trailed following the current price but only if the positions are profitable.
Some Features
Automatic detections of the quotes precision.
It considers the peculiarities of Market Execution (stop levels can be changed after opening the position).
It shows good results on forward periods.

The settings have been selected for live trading, but your results will depend on your broker's spread and quality of order execution.

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