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Oct 2, 2017

Dragon Family Fund DM

                                      Dragon Family Fund DM

Hello Investors
I do not promise you GROWTH 70%-100% per month, but I promise not to lose your money 

and steadily increase your equity! 
There is no 100% winning trades. Know that there will be profitable and losing trades. The 

most important thing is a positive result in the end of the month.
 About my trading  strategies:

-Trade is conducted manually, by my own strategy. According to this strategy, I trade for 7 

years. The average yield of 10%-15% per month.  
- Do not martingale or grid. Some of the most dangerous methods. Always there recoilless 

price movements. People increase the losing positions, trying to win. They see their account 

evaporate before our eyes, and in the end they lose all their money. I do not use it in my 

trade. We have come to the market to sell and make money. Market- is not a casino! We- 

traders, not gamblers.
- Advisors, robots, assistants and other rubbish do not use! All the decisions I make myself. 

About trading strategies
- The duration of the transaction: from 1 hour to 1 days
- Working graphs H1-D1. - No price averaging (up to 2 positions on the same currency pair). 

The best solution, if we are not right - to close the deal and find a new one! Sometimes, when 

I see that the market is manipulated, then I can add one position. But this happens very 

rarely. Usually there is only one transaction.
- Transactions are closed on TAKEPROFIT or STOPLOSS. If the trade scenario changes (leave 

some news begins flat, and so on.), The transaction closed at the market.
- Minimum deposit 100 $ = 0.01 lot. I recommend $ 500, so that the signal has paid off and 

brought a profit.I reduced the risks.

-Working drawdown  2-5%. The maximum drawdown on the account of 15%

Investors track Dragon Family Fund DM
I am trading on the cents account of exness because I do not have big capital
And in particular it does not affect my trade mentality
I will try to trade well to be able to bring profits to investors
May investors support me with a small amount of capital so that I can trade well
Thanks investors

Best regards,Tam

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