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Aug 16, 2016

The Steps For Traders To Achieve Success:

The Steps For Traders To Achieve Success:
Trading on the financial markets is a senior trades. It is understood as the buying and selling bonds, oli, gold and currencies of countries around the world between organizations and individuals worldwide calling. The amount of money poured into the market is huge and is a mysterious figure ... .For financial markets to establish themselves on every minute fluctuation of the market economy worldwide. It is affected by many factors such as politics, was the great event, a hot news of the day so no trades yet a general formula for success at all. That is the first successful long process of research, learning and adapting to the industrial marketplace .Let engraved watch market is a vast ocean, and we are a professional surfer to conquer the waves , and to be successful you need to require a lot of skills, such as perseverance, determination, courage, determination and the proper equipment and take care of the environment Trick coins around to be able to conquer big waves, the sharks do not know when danger struck .hopefully not.
Trading on financial markets that also need to have the attitude and performance skills as a professional surfer. By good analysis and clearly grasp the problem to implement your business, your success rate will be greatly improved, and like many skills. Good business is a combination of talent and hard work. Here is the core issue to build up a business strategy to conquer your own financial markets this vast:

Step1 Timeframe: This factor is important because it affects the feelings of the first largest trading house.When a trader know what time suit can business, home business that is capable of specifying the right to be their own direction then. There are many time frames so that you can choose for themselves the most appropriate time frame may, for example, have people to your business to days, weeks, sometimes even years. There are also day traders only trade in and exit orders on the day, not for trading overnight because they see it as a safe and comfortable, peace of mind to their business.In some cases, the business in minutes exited his business, (calling it sclaping,), sclaping just short, think small profit and loss, this case you have frequent transactions and have always concentration.
methods: After you choose the appropriate time frame, start you have to choose which method to conduct the analysis of business decision-making, there are many options for you to you the most consistent feel, someone is using the index rsi, macd ... to analyze find the entry point for business, someone the use of clean and analysis chart candlestick par pips, trading with the resistance level road focus and support for their business, sometimes combining multiple methods together to get the most accurate view of the market.
You make the choice and study them, it is more on the demo Backtest then, bringing the our results have proven satisfactory, then we will apply the method to real business.

Step 2  Market: The market constantly changes and changes every second, the basic support tools seem to market quickly . So you need to determine which is the focus for you towards the proper standard methods with the current market.
for example, your method is the RSI, MACD, stochastic ..., to help you identify trends in the future, but the day has important information (private nonfarm) do both of you are wrong indicator, so you must be flexible in your approach, when the contest should apply when the market is inconsistent with its approach should not participate. You can also apply a variety of tools and appropriate time frame liver to help business effectively.
Step 3  Distinguish the type of participation:
You must determine what is the purpose of aiming. Each tool and the trade the coins depending on the suitability of each individual organization, the Large banks that are trading the spot currency market in specific currencies usually have a different objective than currency traders buying or selling futures contracts. Hedge funds are motivated differently than mutual funds. From here you can define and targeting and commodities need business: specifically, you have to choose 1 coin, 1 stock that you see fit to your alignment to the analysis based on the tool and arrange time frames for coins that you see is correct for , from which you created the business with familiar kinds of macular degeneration method on the same money in a long time, create your own personality 1. You will see unexpected things about your business results control for large trader to follow them and provide consistent profit.

Step4  Your attitude;
Your man is also important in your success matters
The following virtues will contribute to your success:
First it was patience: your business system is good or not is due to 1 part patience brings.
for example, when the price moves have yet to signal the system's business, and then the price moves to another, so if you're into business, it is wrong in breach of rules system from which leads to not follow rules out impatient waiting for another chance, should remember the next opportunities also in the future.

Step 5  Discipline and rules:
Successful business decision as calculation engineer Act, especially in business, if you don't have good law carefully, you will fail,
for example: EUR/USD you buy orders at 1.11510 prices, and agronomists 1lot applicable law is when the business always put a 40 pip range stoploss, think stoploss is 1.11110, so that when the market reversing not according to your analysis system, and you are the hole 35 pips and your system has the wrong error message. Because you don't want to lose the money is that sound and sure the market will going by what I think, in the end you decide wrong computer engineer quit law stoploss out consistently, then you to overnight your account eventually lost by the news that night made a strong market trend is terrible ... This is the lesson of the trader often made.
Step 6 Money Management (account) your:
Do you know capital management accounted for 40% of success in the business your . No organization or individual can win 100% of the whole market, because of this, organizations are always looking to fund risk control is the key. They will point out one specific figure 1 times their business so that they are always in control of their business when there are many risks that each account .You also have the appropriate account manager
Above is the 6 identified as important to become a successful trader in the market. You have to work out and learning the important elements on, hoping you'll get the achievement.

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