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Jun 27, 2016

The Rules Required Of A Successful Trader.

                  The Rules Required Of A Successful Trader.
     Rule 1 : Always plan ahead when trading.
A business plan is a business law skills were clearly demonstrated. It specifies points in , out and standards money management. Uses trading plan helps overview trader has to do it. although it is the most time consuming effort in participating in the market.
With today's technology, it's easy for you to check first trading ideas before you trade real money. There are software (backtesting) apply your ideas through the past period so that you can confirm the extent of the proposed plan. Once backtesting and produce good results, you will rely on that plan to use in realtrading sessions. Good plan will be the key to the success of one trader.

      Rule  2 : Technology will give you more advantage in business.
For example, you can backtesing an idea on historical data before risking any real money trading yet, it saves you reduce business costs. You can trade and market updates from anywhere in the world with a wireless phone available. Today, technology lines with high-speed internet has helped traders increase business performance brought the expected profits, or can adjust the business of the trader in an instant when you see the business that does not with the strategyproposed.
Using high-tech edge to your network, allowing you to fun in business.

      Rule  3 : Treat your business like a business owner:
To succeed, you must see the business as a small business one full-time or part-time, always enthusiastic and devoted enthusiasm for your business, it is like you are the boss of a business, rather than a hobby or a job that you like.
If your business according to your preferences without any real commitment to strive to learn, research, business can be very costly for you.
Business as one business expenses, taxes, losses and profits, the uncertainty, stress and the risk of bankruptcy is always permanent. You as one small business owner to do the research work and offering strategies to maximize the productivity of your business.
Business is the work it can make you depressed because there is no fixed monthly salary.

      Rule 4 : always use a stop loss in business:
Always place a stoploss of your business and never watched your account to be falling, you win some, you lose. So simple to learn how to minimize losses, pulled out of the market when the risk and wait. Using a stoploss can take some of the emotion out of trading. since we know that we will only lose X amount on any given trade . Use stoploss help ensure that our losses and our risk is limited.

      Rule 5: The amount you could lose in a business:
You need to determine how much you can lose in a single business. This will help you manage your capital explicitly. You need to define a specific figure lost in a business.

       Rule 6:  Ensure that your trading capital is always protected:
Your capital is based on the savings in the first long time and much effort.
It is important to note that protecting your trading capital does not mean that does not have any public sectors lost.
All traders have to lose, which is part of the business.
Protectingcapital requires not taking any unnecessary risks and do everything you can to protect your business enterprise.
      Rule 7: Trader decided know when to stop trading:
There are 2 reasons for investors to decide to cease trading:
First, the business plan is not effective. 
Second, the business inefficiencies.
Exit the business can be a very difficult decision for the business, but once the business plan does not effectively show much greater losses than anticipated in historical testing or the business plan only simply not as effective as expected. 
So the need to stop the business and need to reassess the business plan and make a few changes or start over with a new business. 
A business plan is not successful is a matter to be resolved.
An ineffective business as a trader do not follow these rules, which were proposed plan entails market dominant emotion on his business decisions. 
All factors such as stress, physical impairment, social environment also impacts business decision making more mistakes.

    Rule 8: Overview of trading in its business strategy:
It is important to understand the overall picture when trading. A loss of business although not too unexpected loss. A businessman has won and lost together. But the key to how your business the way business the bigger loser wins under the proposed plan to target, like an enterprise that also at a loss and increase profits.
Understand the importance of the rules on, and how to be able to use it together seamlessly will help traders to establish a viable enterprise. Every trader needs to cultivate and practice the daily rules to know is one the most accurate way. Trading is very difficult work. Trader should have discipline and patience in order to increase the likelihood of success in a very competitive market. Remember every good business is based on the new rules to succeed.

Say: "Life and business are to be disciplined, otherwise we will be eliminated"    



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