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Jun 13, 2016

FSO_Harrmonic Scanner System

FSO_Harmonic Scanner

 The FSO Harmonic Scanner System V2 has a sophisticated correlation engine that is able to show a projection about future price action to confirm the harmonic pattern, based on the correlations identified in the dealer trading history.
Since correlation engine displays the future and not the past it has some pretty amazing effects on our psychology as a trader. The right moment to execute the order will be shown by a safety confirmation(arrow signal) on the chart. This security feature will prevent you to trade a not fully developed harmonic pattern since they need hours to establish completely before the swing initiates. The embedded prize grid is the best help to project TP & SL. Those very same prize grids are used by Market Maker/Dealer to calculate their moves since these guys having daily limits to push the prize. If you want to trade accurately you need to know the moves of the Market Maker/Dealer before they start to move! My Mentor used to say, “when you move I move”! Steve, I love you man! The F50 Harmonic Scanner V2 including email Alerts is not just an ordinary Harmonic Scanner as you can find online a lot. In addition to the Harmonic Scanner you will have Harmonic Pattern Email Alerts which will fire on the 4h time frame only by scanning 27 currency pairs 24h/5 days a week. And very important you ONLY will be alerted if the following pattern starts to paint: • Peak Formation False/Trap Move Week Beginning (swing trade) • Peak Formation Mid Week Reversal (swing trade) • Peak Formation False/Trap Move Week Ending (swing trade)

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