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Jun 25, 2016

Commdity Futures Trading For Beginners -Ebook

                                        Commdity Futures Trading For Beginners

                                          BY BRUCE BABCOCK                                      
Table of Contenets:
1- Introduction
2-Commodity Trading As An Investment Vehicle
3-The Risks of Trading
4-The History of Trading
5-The Trading Process
6-Making A Trade
7-The Truth About The CommodityMarkets
8-Separating The Winners Snd Losers.
9-Learning To Trade Correctly
10.1-Elements Of A Successfull Trading Plan-Getting Started
10.2-Elements Of A Successful Trading Plan-Trade With The Trend
10.3-Elements Of A Successful Trading Plan-Cut Losses Short
10.4-Elements Af A Successful Trading Plan-Let Profits Run
10.5Elements Of A Successful Trading Plan-The Markets You Trade
10.6-Elements Of A Successful Trading Plan-Manage Risk
11 Psychological Pitfalls

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